A Round the World Trip is Not a Race

Recently on a travel forum, somebody asked the question in regards to going on a round the world trip, “How long do you stay in any one place?” The answers were 3-5 days average. For us, that sounds exhausting!  We consider the day you arrive and the day you leave as travel days as they rarely give you enough time to explore and you are usually busy focusing on other things to enjoy a place. So that would leave 1-3 days on average to explore. Not nearly enough time to really get to know a place. That little amount of time would be okay for vacations, but doing that for a whole year would be crazy!

A few years ago we travelled to England and Scotland. In 9 days time we drove 1500 miles and tried to see everything. It was exciting to just keep moving and try to take it all in. But, it was also exhausting and we were left feeling like we did not get to experience the places as we would have if we had stayed in one place for the entire time. We saw most of England through a windshield.  I can easily see the addiction to just keep moving; the rush of traveling. I think for some people, the journey is more important than the destination. But when you are traveling with a young child, you need stability.

For our round the world trip we are planning to stay at least a month in each location to really get to know the place and to keep expenses down. Transportation and housing costs are going to be the most expensive part of the trip, so by traveling less, and getting discounts for long stay rentals, we can travel longer.

It will also be important to have a schedule in which to homeschool Sydney. Homeschooling would be really difficult if you are always on the run. The other benefit of staying longer in one place is that it gives Sydney a chance to make local friends, which we feel is very important for a child. I mean, who would want to be stuck with their parents for a year or two without anyone their own age to play with?


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