Hideaways Beach

Hopefully Child Protective Services is not reading this, as once again we saw the words “dangerous” and “beach” in our guidebook for Kauai and couldn’t resist. We were looking for something to do and just down the road from where we were staying in Princeville was Hideaways Beach. The beach itself was not dangerous and was said to be very beautiful and without crowds. The reason for the lack of crowds and the part that made it “dangerous” was the path leading down to the beach. It starts off with the rusty remnants of metal handrails, which are more hazardous than they are helpful. Good thing we all had our tetanus shots up to date. There must have been stairs at one time, but they eroded away. Strung along the large gaps in the railing was whatever frayed rope, string, and electrical cable (seriously!) people could scrounge up to offer anthing to grab onto to keep you from plummeting the remainder of the 120 vertical feet to the beach below. The steep descent of the root-covered trail leads to a sheer drop-off with your first glimpse of Hideways Beach. A cute alcove with gentle waves lapping at the sandy beach, and the best part… only four people on the whole beach. We enjoyed the day there playing in the water and lounging on the beach. For a beach so close to one of the most populated areas of Kauai’s north shore, this hard to get to beach was a nice find and was well worth the effort to get to it.


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