Street Photography in Portland Oregon

I love street photography! Walking the streets looking for grit, humor, sadness, or anything else that might look good as a photograph.  This past weekend my brother paid us a visit and the two of us headed to downtown Portland in search of our own personal photographic masterpieces. Although I have walked those streets with camera in hand many times, I always seem to find something different to photograph. Below are the results of the walkabout with my brother. If you wish to see my brother’s photos, check out his photo blog at:

In Front of the Red Door (click to enlarge)

Stickered Octogon (click to enlarge)

Burnside Skate Park (click to enlarge)

Under the Burnside Bridge (click to enlarge)

Got Hemp? (Click to enlarge)

Umbrella Man (click to enlarge)

Trapped Innocence (click to enlarge)

Under the Morrison Bridge (click to enlarge)



Dreamer. Photographer. Sailing addict. World traveler. I left my desk job in Portland, Oregon to travel the world...

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