Photos of Downtown Boise

Last week, my employer sent me to Boise for a conference. As much as I like to travel, Idaho is not one of my favorite places to visit. But, my mom and my brother live there and it is always nice to see them and I figured I could have fun taking photos in downtown Boise, where I would be staying. So, I packed along my camera gear and was really excited to try out my newly purchased Nikkor 28mm AI-s manual lens. (BTW, I love that lens!)

Boise has really changed since I was there last. A few years ago the city was dead at 6pm and you would be lucky to find anything open. Now, Boise has a night life and they also have an art scene that have worked hard creating murals in an alley known as “Freak Alley.” It is still a small downtown area and reminds me a lot of Salem or Olympia, but it seems to be changing for the better.

Enjoy the photos…

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