I Need a Vacation

It was only 8 weeks ago that we were in Hawaii, yet, I feel a void; an emptiness that can only be filled with a plan to go somewhere warm, exotic, or adventurous. You would think that since we are starting our round the world (RTW) adventure this year that we would be excited and the void will be filled with those plans. But it’s not the same. Preparing for a multi-year RTW journey is exhausting. So much to research and so much to do before we go that it is almost overwhelming.  I need a vacation!

Maybe it is the awful weather that has me looking online at vacation packages to somewhere else; someplace warm and sunny with turquoise water and trade winds. If I close my eyes I can hear the waves lapping on the shore of the warm beach; I can smell the coconut tanning oil on the sunbathers.  I really need a vacation!

Outside is cold and rain; strip malls and traffic. To be in front of a warm fire at a ski lodge with gentle snow falling outside and a hot beverage and a good book. To escape the cities and the noise. To relax in the beauty and solitude of the mountains. I so need a vacation!

We spend our days apart; our daughter at school and my wife and I at our jobs. Our evenings are rushed and lack quality family time. On vacations we play games and laugh. We spend the days and evenings together enjoying each other’s company and never wanting it to end. We are closer. I need a vacation soon!

In 6 months we will be heading to Europe to begin the first leg of our RTW journey. Our days will be filled with touring the museums, enjoying the street cafes, and experiencing new cultures. No more will we spend our days apart dreaming of being somewhere else. I just need to make it through these next 6 months…


Dreamer. Photographer. Sailing addict. World traveler. I left my desk job in Portland, Oregon to travel the world...

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