How to Find Affordable Family Holidays

Taking the kids away for a week or two is the highlight of every parent’s year. And with so many available offers there is certainly a holiday to suit every taste and budget – it’s just a matter of finding your favourite.

For those who like spending time by the pool or watching their little ones having fun in the hotel kids’ club, full board or all inclusive family holidays are usually the best way to get the most out of your stay and save money too. While it may appear more expensive than booking at a bed and breakfast, it can actually work out much cheaper when you’re there. With full board you’ll usually get breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided every day, while all inclusive goes one better by throwing drinks and snacks in too. With some all inclusive hotels you’ll also get discounted access to local attractions.

But if you like eating out for an evening or straying off the beaten track to find the locals’ favourite haunts, you’re probably better off with a self-catering apartment with cooking facilities.

You’ll be responsible for buying meals and cooking for yourself – but this is a treat in its own right. For example, if you’re looking for cheap holidays to Spain, you can save money by arranging a low-cost scheduled fight and combining it with a week in a self-catering apartment booked direct with the owner. Pop to the local shops or market and fill your cupboards with a week’s worth of delicious local fare and enjoy continental breakfasts every day, and feast on such delights as cured meats, tapas and paella with the local blend of sangria. Heaven!

Finding an affordable holiday depends very much on what you plan to do when you get there. Get this right and you’ll not only save money on your holiday, you’ll have the time of your life too.

About our guest blogger: Vladimir is an avid traveler and enjoys holidays in the sun with family.


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