Avoiding Pickpockets in Rome


We have traveled the world non-stop for a little over two years visiting 26 different countries and countless cities. In all that time we have only seen pickpockets at work in one city, Rome, Italy. Pickpockets can be found all over the world, but Rome has got to be the world’s capital for pickpockets. You […]

10 Things That We Have Missed About America


This January we will finally be returning to the United States after traveling around the world for a little over 26 months. In that time we have experienced culture, customs, and shopping in 26 different countries. While each country has had it’s own uniqueness and we have enjoyed each of them, there are a few […]

Big Announcement: We Are Moving To…


After 2 years of non-stop around the world (RTW) travel, deciding on where to resettle after the trip has been one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. And it seems like we aren’t alone, as most people that travel long-term face this same dilemma. The longer you travel the more you realize […]

Our RTW Adventure Ends Next Month

In front of the Louvre in Paris, France

Two years ago today we were exploring Paris, the first international stop on our family’s around the world (RTW) adventure. Today we are in Christchurch, New Zealand, the last international stop on our world tour. Next month, we go home; wherever that is. The adventure that we worked so hard to save for and took […]

Glamping at Agnes Water Beach

Interior of the Glamping Tent

Glamping? Agnes Water Beach? We had never heard of either of these things, but after “glamping” at Agnes Water Beach for 4 nights, we’re glad we did. Towards the end of our 6-week housesit in the Australian town of Toowoomba, we had still not decided where we would go afterwards. We were relatively close to […]

A RTW Story: From Riches to Rags

Having fun with Photo Booth before the Skype Interview

After 6 years of saving for our family’s round the world (RTW) adventure, we had a fat bank account, shiny new travel gear, and an eagerness to explore the world. Two years and 26 countries later, our bank account is empty, our clothing (what little we have left) is in rags, and we have so […]

Sydney’s Corner: Koalas and the Koala Hospital


This blog will be about koalas. First we need to talk about the Koala Hospital. The Koala Hospital is located in Port Macquarie, Australia. They are the only sanctuary that just focuses on koalas. The Koala Hospital rescues injured koalas from around Australia and tries to release them back into the wild. The Koala Hospital […]

RTW Budget: Another Month in Australia


For the month of September, we were in Australia. We finished our stay on a family owned permaculture farm in Casino, spent one night in Surfer’s Paradise, and then drove up to Toowoomba for a 6 week housesit. While in Toowoomba, we celebrated Sydney’s 10th birthday and made some good friends. As I have mentioned […]

How to Save Money In Australia

Party Animals

Australia is one of the few countries that we have visited on our round the world adventure that $100 USD a day for a family would be very difficult to achieve without being creative. One night alone for accommodation can easily reach $100+ and this does not even begin to factor in food, transportation, or […]