Why You Should Compare Car Hire Prices


It’s common to think that when hiring a vehicle for leisure or business, most companies are competitive and prices are ‘very much the same’. But in fact, you can end up paying far too much if you don’t shop around. So how can you avoid paying too much for your car hire, but ensure you […]

Cross Country Road Trip Part 2: Drive Across Idaho

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.20.06 AM

Our cross-country road trip from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine is taking a southern route that we have nicknamed, “putting a smile on America.” Our route starts in the northwest, dips down to the south, and then continues up to the north creating what looks to be a smiley on the map. The reasoning behind […]

Cross Country Road Trip Part 1: Drive Across Oregon

Portland to Ontario

Starting Point: Portland, Oregon Ending Point: Portland, Maine Vehicle: 2000 Audi A6 Avant Quattro (All wheel drive wagon) Total Miles Driven: 375 Current Location: Ontario, Oregon After spending 803 days traveling around the world we had the realization that we have seen more of the world than our own country. So, what better way to […]

Coming Home After Long-Term Travel

PDX Carpet

Our plane landed at the Portland International Airport on January 12, 2015 at 7:59pm. Portland, Oregon is our hometown and we have landed at the Portland airport countless times, but this time was a bit different. This landing marked the end of a 44,000-mile odyssey around the world. It had been 803 days since we […]

Exploring Whistler: Preparing for Adventure in the Winter Sports Capital of North America


Whistler, BC offers some of the best in winter sports. Notable for its role in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler has long been hailed as the home of world class skiing and snowboarding. This popular tourist spot should be on everyone’s list of future vacation destinations. Snowboarding No matter what your ability level, there is […]

Feeling Bummed About Returning to the USA

Flower behind barbwire

After two years of global travel, we will be returning to the United States. We are trying to remain optimistic about our future, but truth be told, we are feeling a little sad about returning. Our trip, that we planned for so long, is coming to an end and we will be returning to the […]

Sydney’s Corner: New Zealand Keas

Curious Kea

This blog is about keas. Keas are parrots. Keas live only on the South Island of New Zealand. There are about 1000 to 5000 keas on the South Island of New Zealand. Scientists are not sure how many there are, because keas like to move around a lot. A keas territory is about 4 kilometers […]

Avoiding Pickpockets in Rome


We have traveled the world non-stop for a little over two years visiting 26 different countries and countless cities. In all that time we have only seen pickpockets at work in one city, Rome, Italy. Pickpockets can be found all over the world, but Rome has got to be the world’s capital for pickpockets. You […]

10 Things That We Have Missed About America


This January we will finally be returning to the United States after traveling around the world for a little over 26 months. In that time we have experienced culture, customs, and shopping in 26 different countries. While each country has had it’s own uniqueness and we have enjoyed each of them, there are a few […]