Sydney’s Corner: Koalas and the Koala Hospital


This blog will be about koalas. First we need to talk about the Koala Hospital. The Koala Hospital is located in Port Macquarie, Australia. They are the only sanctuary that just focuses on koalas. The Koala Hospital rescues injured koalas from around Australia and tries to release them back into the wild. The Koala Hospital […]

RTW Budget: Another Month in Australia


For the month of September, we were in Australia. We finished our stay on a family owned permaculture farm in Casino, spent one night in Surfer’s Paradise, and then drove up to Toowoomba for a 6 week housesit. While in Toowoomba, we celebrated Sydney’s 10th birthday and made some good friends. As I have mentioned […]

How to Save Money In Australia

Party Animals

Australia is one of the few countries that we have visited on our round the world adventure that $100 USD a day for a family would be very difficult to achieve without being creative. One night alone for accommodation can easily reach $100+ and this does not even begin to factor in food, transportation, or […]

Sydney’s Corner: The Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

You have probably seen the cartoon with the Tasmanian devil. But have you seen a real Tasmanian devil? I have and this is what this blog is going to be about. We saw a Tasmanian devil at Ballarat Wildlife Park. You should see them eat. They fight like little devils and scream a lot. Here […]

RTW Budget: One Month in Australia

Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House at night

For the month of August, we were in Australia. We spent three weeks house sitting in a rural area outside of Melbourne and then flew to the beautiful city of Sydney. We stayed in Sydney for 4 days and then drove north to the town of Casino where we helped out on a permaculture farm […]

Photo of the Week: Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

For my daughter’s 10th birthday she requested that we go see the Equine Expo in Toowoomba, Australia. At the end of the first day’s show they had a showing of some of the finest Arabian horses found in Australia. Arabians are a very unique looking horse and I can see why people value them so. […]

How to Find the Eat Pray Love House in Ubud Bali

Eat Pray Love house as seen from the rice terraces

If you have ever seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love then you will remember Julia Roberts’ character riding a bicycle along quiet streets in the Balinese city of Ubud and living in a house overlooking beautiful rice fields. While quiet streets in Ubud are far from reality, and you probably can’t ride a bike through […]

Three Days in Sydney on a Budget

Sydney Opera House

Before we started our around the world trip we asked our daughter, Sydney, where in the world she wanted to go. Without pause, she said Sydney, Australia. Sydney, the city not our daughter, is renown for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit and can easily wreak havoc with anyone’s […]

RTW Budget: One Month in Bali

Gunung Kawi

For the month of July we stayed in the beautiful, but very touristy town of Ubud, Bali and then at the end of the month we flew to Melbourne, Australia. By the end of our stay in Bali, we really had mixed feelings about the island. We enjoyed exploring the rice fields of Ubud and […]